A lot of emphasis is laid on quality control
and safety to give customer satisfaction.
The #TrendSetter
We seek to maintain our outstanding status of being the best in the region by keeping up with the latest design trends.
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Some of our services

Our range of services include the following:

  • Bodyworks of different shapes and sizes
  • Accessories and Extras
  • Custom body designs
  • Computer Aided body design

Choda Fabricators

Choda Fabricators Ltd prides itself in manufacturing buses that deliver passenger safety, cutting- edge technology and a genuine focus on customer needs.

We are renowned in the areas of pricing and cater for all kind of bodies on different chassis  for both the domestic and export market.

Why Choose Us

We have perfected the art of body building on trucks, coaches and buses. We are also;

  • Passionate and committed
  • Honest and Trustworthy
  • Constant Innovating
  • Seek for ultimate Creativity

Choda Fabricators

Choda Fabricators Ltd, a family business situated in the heart of industrial area. We first started out operation in 1950 as Choda Bros. Building trucks, bus and coach bodies for various transportation companies.

Choda Fabricators Ltd was formed from the previous company and has steadily grown to become the leading bus and coach company in the region.

This outstanding status has been attained through total commitment and dedication to emphasis on continued improvement.

Our Dealers

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