About Us

Choda Fabricators has been in the industry for over four decades now. From the days of the “Loaf” design buses to the modern day luxurious buses. We have designed and built them on any available chassis. For this experience, we believe that we are among the best in the region. We celebrate this with a great sense of pride.

Why We are the best

QUALITY ASSURANCE: We are very particular on precision and accuracy in all our designs. All contour lines are precise and refine. We are strict in our code of ethics in the Bus Body Building business. And that’s what puts us ahead of the rest Indeed we cater for all needs and special requirements Part of the special requirements includes an order from Rwanda for the CyberBus which is used as a mobile computer cyber-cafe fully loaded with computer workstations, network switches, LAN, internet access and rotating chairs. About 30 workstations were fitted per bus.

We also have a comprehensive and integral way of managing to meet customer needs consistently and achieve continuous improvement in organizational activities. We are on the journey continuously striving to meet ever-rising customer requirements.

RESEARCH: Over the years, we have not only grown in leaps and bounds. We have continued to strive to improve our production to meet the ever-growing needs of the industry. For this, we have continued to invest heavily on research, Study and planning, equipment, technology and professional manpower. Spearheaded by the MD, Mr. Pal Choda, The Research, Study and Planning is conducted on a regular basis on modern day Bus Body Building techniques and methodology. These are then implemented to the fullest under the close watch and guidance of Mr. Pal. To assist in this field are our qualified engineer and our quality control inspector. Heads of sections and supervisors further complete the picture.