We have a comprehensive and integral way of managing to meet customer needs consistently and achieve continuous improvement in organizational activities. We are on the journey continuously striving to meet ever-rising customer requirements. Some of the work we’ve done in the recent past proves that we are the best in the industry!

Range of Services

Our range of services include the following:

  • Bodyworks of different shapes and sizes
  • Accessories and Extras
  • Custom body designs
  • Computer Aided body design

Why we are the best

CAPACITY: Initially starting small, we have indeed grown. A few years back, we decided to invest heavily in expanding our factory yard. Today we can easily produce one hundred buses at any one given time. We have the space and capacity. We have the capability and manpower. We indeed have the technology.

EQUIPMENT: Over the years we have made provision for improvement on our equipment capacity. To facilitate fast and accurate production, we have even started a pre-cuts section a few years back. We have designed our own Roof Frame and Side Frame Jigs. We are now finalizing on Boots and Doors Jigs.

We Major on;

Pal Special